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Things to do in spring in Romagna

Places you’ve never seen, itineraries to discover on foot, bicycle or motorbike!

Things to do in spring in Romagna
Who said the Riviera of Romagna is only the ideal destination for summer holidays?

At Valentini Village, we live and breathe the Riviera all year round and can guarantee that spring in Romagna is an explosion of events and activities.

In May, days are longer, the beaches less crowded and visitors have all the space they could want to relax under a sun umbrella or enjoy a walk along the shore; the air is already warm, but not too much.

From from the heat and crowds of August bank holiday or the Notte Rosa, there’s another world for you to discover.

That’s why we want to help you discover the routes and itineraries that’ll make your springtime holiday in Romagna a real treat.
They’re all a stone’s throw from our hotels, but don’t worry… you’ll have all the time you need to enjoy the beach and the sea too.

As well as great activities and a spectacular sea, spring in Romagna offers another advantage: great value for money! The cost of a holiday in one of our hotels in May is much lower compared to other times of the year… another reason to choose spring for your holiday.

For your information, here are the offers for May:

Hotel Gambrinus ****
Hotel Rosalba ****
Hotel Maré ***s

Romagna, a land of castles

castelli in romagna

Did you know that Romagna is a land of fortresses and castles?

These often overlook beautiful mediaeval boroughs and villages and are rich in charm and magic. We suggest a tour of three castles, which can all be visited in a single day or on different days.

Sasso Fortress - Verucchio
From its dominant hill-top position it overlooks the town, the valley and the plain as far as the Adriatic Sea. This is where Malatesta of Verucchio, known as the “Centenarian” and referred to as Mastin Vecchio in the Inferno of Dante’s Divine Comedy, was born. The entire fortress is open to the public for visits.

Fortress - San Leo
We’ve already mentioned this fortress in the article dedicated to the most beautiful villages in the inland area of Romagna.
The fortress of Count Cagliostro was a high-security prison for the Papal State until 1906. It now houses museums, exhibitions and shows, including an arms exhibition and torture museum. Visitors can also see the punishment cell and the cells that housed Count Cagliostro, a mysterious alchemist sentenced for heresy by the Catholic Church, and many other illustrious prisoners.
The fortress is also the part of the village that offers the most spectacular panoramic views over the Marecchia Valley, views that will take your breath away...

Malatesta Fortress - Santarcangelo di Romagna
È aperta il primo sabato del mese e la domenica consecutiva. Ti consigliamo di visitarla.
Open the first Saturday of the month and the following Sunday, we strongly recommend a visit. Walking along Via della Cella takes you to the entrance to the imposing fortress that envelops visitors with its huge rooms and the air of mysterious times gone by hanging over it. The fortified keep is beautiful and offers panoramic views of the town.

Rimini in 8½ steps

alla scoperta di rimini

Rimini is Federico Fellini. Federico Fellini is Rimini.
Nobody better than the great maestro can help visitors discover the city.
So, here’s an itinerary to the places where Fellini spent his youth and that helped to shape his imagination.

District of San Giuliano
Malatesta Temple
Monument to Victory
Pigna Fountain
Sismondo Castle
Fulgor Cinema
The Port
Grand Hotel
Monumental Cemetery

This tour deserves a separate mention; you’ll find the full article here:
👉 Rimini in 8½ steps

Trails along the River Uso; amid nature and poetry

sentieri per l'uso

The trail along the River Uso winds its way through the municipalities of Bellaria Igea Marina and San Mauro Pascoli and is about 6 km long.

The pedestrian-cycle path begins in Bellaria on Via Ravenna, at the intersection with the River Uso. It continues for 1½ km until the boardwalk (Castrum Lusi) that crosses over to the other riverbank, where it continues for about 2½ km as far as Rio Salto, which is mentioned in the famous poem The Dappled Mare by Giovanni Pascoli.

From here, it continues along the old abandoned riverbank before ending at Villa Torlonia.

Don’t worry… the trail is well marked and signposted with information panels.
Along the entire River Uso pedestrian-cycle path there are 9 stopping areas furnished with benches, picnic tables and games.

Discovering underground Santarcangelo


Many people know about Santarcangelo because of its famous Malatesta Fortress, its panoramic views, its artisan workshops and its typical bars and restaurants.
However, few people know what lies beneath - a world of grottoes, granary stores, ice-houses and secret escape routes.

In fact, people once lived within the town walls to defend themselves from attacks. These often lasted several months and people had to use their wits to survive.

This led to the construction of the grottoes that criss-cross Santarcangelo underground; a veritable subterranean world shrouded in mystery.

Culverts, wells, tunnels and imposing circular rooms make up the 150 grottoes of this underground town. Some of these were once used to store wine and cereal crops and others were thought to have served as places of worship.

For safety reasons, the grottoes can only be visited if accompanied.
We recommend you take a guided tour of this subterranean labyrinth.

On foot, by bicycle or by motorbike… these trails are particularly beautiful in spring, when nature reawakens and the weather is milder.
We look forward to welcoming you at Valentini Village to discover all these wonders.

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