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Baby Club

Baby Club Valentini Village

Are you afraid of going on holiday with your children and going back home feeling even more exhausted than before you left?

Would you feel the same way if there were a real kindergarten in the hotel?

We know, it sounds like a dream...
and we've been the first on the Romagna Riviera,
to make it come true!

✔️A real kindergarten in the hotel
✔️Graduate educators with specific certificates and post-graduate refresher qualifications
✔️Educational activities
✔️A lot of new friends

🚨 Some mums have used our Baby Club as a "pre-nursery school" experience.

The real family holiday is at Valentini Village
A holiday should be a holiday for everyone. Even for mums and dads.

Yes, I WANT TO STAY  AT Valentini Village

Or keep reading to discover something else about the baby club and our educators.
Baby Club Valentini Village

Our baby club is not just a baby-sitting facility!

The children will do a load of activities, many of which they probably also do during winter in their own nursery schools.

Here are just some of the great activities that’ll keep them busy:

This is a discipline that helps children to develop their physical flexibility, emotions and cognitive aspects through movement and play.

Everyone loves music and learning sounds is very important for young children; it’s a great educational and training resource.
We’ll monitor them as they listen to music suited to their age range… you’ll see, they’ll be enchanted!

We mentioned music... we can’t not mention dance!
Children will learn group dances and although we won’t turn them into experts, they’ll certainly have a great time.
What’s more, in the early years of life, dance is key to psychomotor development, as well as helping to develop coordination and promote self-confidence.

A world of colours... (obviously non-toxic and washable 😄)
Children can give free reign to their creativity with colours, poster paints and pastels.
This favours emotional harmony thanks to the spontaneous and artistic expression of creativity.

Because it’s a holiday for them too and they deserve to have fun and enjoy their time at the seaside.
And the most important thing is they’ll have fun with lots of other children of the same age, who’ll become their special “seaside friends”.

Have we convinced you yet?

Yes, I choose Valentini Village

"Two nannies and a manny!"
Please meet Eleonora, Marcy and Graziano.

I know how difficult it is to trust strangers with looking after your kids. That’s why our baby club is run by professionals that are not only experts in education, but also people you can trust wholeheartedly… after all, they’re the ones who look after my kids too!
Asilo nido in hotel
I nostri educatori dei bambini
I bambini al baby club

Our educators are graduates and have specific certificates and post-graduate refresher qualifications.
The children are in excellent hands, you can relax in the pool or on the beach.

  Have we convinced you yet?

Yes I choose Valentini Village

This is a unique service offered on the Romagna coastline

(Mon-Fri, 4pm to 7pm)

✔️A real nursery at the hotel
✔️Qualified educators
✔️Activities similar to those carried out at a nursery
✔️Family deals in which children pay 0 or a discounted price
✔️Education, formative and fun activities!
✔️A group of young guests to play and make friends with

And you can get to enjoy your well-deserved holiday!

Have you ever really been on holiday?
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